Elder Care Concierge Service will customize our services to meet your individual and unique needs. For a flat fee, we offer a comprehensive review and will provide recommendations to manage major decisions regarding senior living options. We can also help with other tasks such as providing personal assistance, errands, shopping, cleaning or transportation. There is no request too great or too small; services can be increased at any time.  Contact us today to learn more about us and how we can help!

Housing – Housing can be one of the most confusing aspects of caring for your loved one and we can help sort out all the choices and customize a solution that is right for you and your family.  Learn More »

Legal Matters – Do you have the necessary documents in place? Our team will work with your current estate planning attorney or with our affiliate, Rose Law Group pc, to review and ensure that everything is in place and your decisions are protected.  Learn More »

Insurance – There are many types of insurance, and requirements change over time.  We can look at your current policies and coverage and make recommendations.  Learn More »

Medical Matters:  Managing medical care can be a fulltime job, whether you or your elder are dealing with complications from a chronic illness, memory deficits or loss in hearing and vision. Elder Care Concierge can help ease the stress related to managing one’s medical needs.  Learn More »

Transportation and mobility needs:  One of the most challenging decisions is determining when it is no longer safe to drive. This decision will be different for everyone. Public transportation has not kept up with the needs of seniors, and choices can be limited. Learn More »


Our service will provide information and recommendations for ongoing care and living arrangements, including independent and assisted living facilities, graduated life planning communities, various sized group homes, specialty group homes, memory care, Alzheimer and dementia facilities and full-scale skilled nursing facilities. We can also provide recommendations if the desire is to age-in-place, but additional assistance is needed with daily living activities.

Once the decision is made we can provide all the services you might need such as, preparing to downsize, selling your home and unwanted furniture, packing, moving and getting settled in your new home.

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Legal Matters

Everyone needs to protect their assets. Our team will review, and as needed, prepare and execute all necessary documents. At a minimum the following documents are necessary.

  • Will – Defines how you want your estate distributed upon death.
  • Trust – An instrument to bequeath the money or property that has significant tax advantages.
  • Letter of Instruction – Serves as a guide for closing out the affairs upon death
  • Power of Attorney for Property – Authorizes an agent on your behalf to execute financial and property transactions. 
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care – Authorizes an agent for making medical decision on your behalf.

Other legal services might include guardianship and conservatorship services, organ donation/transplantation, estate planning, elder abuse, and elder advocacy groups.

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Different types of insurance coverage can include homeowner, personal property, auto, life, Medicare supplemental plan, long-term care and disability. Depending on your needs, we can advise, prepare inventory lists, take photographs and itemize all valuables to determine the proper level of coverage. 

Understanding Medicare – Medicare offers only minimal coverage and is broken down into parts. Medicare Part A provides hospital coverage; Part B is medical; Part C is additional coverage by a private insurance company; Part D is prescription drug coverage. It is essential that you buy some form of supplemental coverage. Medicare does not provide for long-term care.   

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Medical Matters

Older adults need doctors who are specially trained in geriatrics. One of the biggest reasons for seeking medical treatment early is to improve the quality of life.

Elder Care Concierge can coordinate with professionals such as nurse practitioners, physicians, geriatric mental health professionals, social workers and other industry specialists. Telemedicine is being used with great success as are other trends such as mobile medical concierge services. We can provide the ongoing coordination to ensure your loved one is receiving the highest standard of care and enjoying the best possible quality of life.     

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Transportation and mobility needs

How will your loved one get to doctor’s appointments, buy groceries, visit friends or go to church? There might come a time when it will be necessary to find transportation alternatives. We can help by identifying 3rd party driver assessment resources and/or set up a schedule of other options that include personal drivers, rideshare, taxi’s, public transportation and family and friends. No longer having the option to drive takes planning, but the goal is to ensure a sense of independence while sharing the responsibility through various services.

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