When you have to make hard decisions to help your parents or loved ones

By Jordan Rose, founder and president of Rose Law Group

After Mary Hamway sent out her email announcing that she is the director of a new business venture, the Elder Care Concierge, many people started asking me for the “backstory.” Why did I start this company?

To understand why you must first know that among my four best girlfriends was the late Ann Graham. She was a 21-year-old trapped in a 97-year old body.

Ann paid a hospital visit after a fall. As she was leaving, she was met by a number of “very nice nurses,” who asked her to meet with them because they wanted to show her some potential assisted housing options.

Ann asked me to meet with one of these women, only to find out she was a commissioned salesperson and didn’t have Ann’s best interests at heart. In other words, if Ann chose to live in one of the facilities promoted by the women, a commission certainly would be paid.

Ann did choose one of the facilities, but upon my first visit, Ann was in distress. She hated her surroundings.

The facility in every respect was the antithesis of what she wanted and needed.  I told her I would work on an alternative.

Ann had no blood relatives and was at a point where she was unable to take care of herself. This bad situation had to be turned positive.

On the second day, when I came back to see Ann, she was gone.  Another “nice nurse” had apparently gotten to her, and quickly convinced her to move to another facility an hour or so away and far from anyone she knew.  Worse still, Ann needed a walker and her room was a very far walk across a rocky courtyard to get to the dining hall.

I am sure a commission was paid to the “nice nurse” for this disastrous move.

I am an attorney and run a large law firm. I know lobbying, land use, zoning, and real estate law. I am very familiar with city councils and state agencies. What I realized very quickly, however, is that I don’t know a thing about elder care housing choices: what all it takes to make the perfect selection, from figuring out all the things that physically have to happen to move, to implementing the move, transferring phone lines, mail, health care, etc.

I realized helping Ann would take a lot of time that would subtract from the time I would much rather have had just hanging out with Ann.

Solution: I assembled a team of project managers in my office to scour options that best suited Ann’s physical, emotional and financial needs, make recommendations and then implement everything. They spent hundreds of hours.

It paid off.

Ann went to live in a small group home down the street from my house, office and the majority of her friends. I know she loved it before her passing.

After this experience, I saw a real need for a service where busy people can hire professionals with experience to provide suitable options, a recommendation and even implement a course of action so busy people can just spend time loving their family member or friend. I wanted to create a service that takes no commissions from any providers so they can give totally unbiased options and advice. I also wanted to make sure that the service was quick and provided at a flat fee.

I formed the Elder Care Concierge company, so I and my friends never have to go through the chaos Ann’s situation created. I brought in Mary Hamway as director and hired a trained doctor to assist full-time.

For a flat fee and within one week’s time, the company will provide the best options, and a list of items need to implement the plan (and for an additional fee, the company team can carry out everything).

Elder Care Concierge company will help you be sure that the person you want to help is transitioning into a facility he or she will love — so you can feel like you have done the due diligence necessary to make the best choice.

Why are we doing this?

So you can spend your time just loving your Ann Graham.